Mivoter.org is an on-going project, to increase the awareness of progressive and Democratic voters, of all of their candidates and elected officials.

The project is built by a group of volunteers, under the auspices of the Washtenaw County Democratic Party.

  1. The 2020 version shows all of the endorsed Washtenaw County Democratic candidates.  It was thrown together quickly for the November 2020 election, based on the data from the large Washtenaw County paper flyer.  It uses a very simple form of "adaptive" display, to work well with phones and desktop browsers.

  2. The 2022 version uses a voter's individual data, to identify their specific candidates.  It started with the Washtenaw County candidate data, but was expanded to cover (at least!) state senate and state house candidates for the entire state.  We made it look like a phone 'app', even though it is, strictly speaking, a dynamic website.

  3. The 2024 version is a complete rewrite, that only needs a street address (not a voter's individual information).  It displays a voter's candidates, and their current elected officials, and details on how and where to vote.  It is currently under very active development: many aspects may change prior to the 2024 election season.

  4. See some thoughts about a new UI design for 2024 -- still very much in progress.